DURAVIT Vero - Drop-in washbasin for Console 550x465mm with 1 tap hole with overflow branco com WonderGliss

Duravit - Vero Basin
cerca de 1-2 semanas

Product details

General Fabricante DURAVIT
Série Vero
Tipo Drop-in washbasin for Console
Número do item 03155500001
Design de DURAVIT
Disponibilidade cerca de 1-2 semanas
Measurements Largura (mm) 550
Profundidade (mm) 465
Altura (mm) 180
Inside depth (mm) 130
Characteristics Montagem drop-in-mounting
Tap holes with 1 tap hole
Overflow with overflow
Forma angular
Ground underside grounded / polished
Suitability suitable for furniture
  • Duravit WonderGliss
    Innovative ceramic glazes make use of our products more comfortable and hygienic. Limescale, residues and dirt flow off WonderGliss more easily.
Colour, Material, Surface
Colour, Material, Surface Cor branco
Surface treatment Sim
Coating com WonderGliss
Matéria sanitary ceramic
Shipping information
Shipping information Escopo de entrega
  • Washbasin
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